This project focuses on a bio-material made from whole sunflower seeds. My goal in making this material is to change the way we view sustainability. While sustainability is a great and noble goal, often times, anything that does not directly hurt the environment gets placed under the umbrella of sustainability, but I believe that our goal should be to help restore the environment, not just avoid hurting it. This means viewing design and material through the lens of regeneration and not just sustainability. 
To do this, I have made a bio-material that is not only quickly biodegradable and compostable, it is growable. This means that instead of throwing this material in the trash, you can grow actual sunflowers from it. If growing sunflowers is not in your interests, you can also feed this material birds and other wildlife. In the future, this material will feature a mix of wildflower seeds along with sunflowers to help restore biodiversity and bring back pollinators like bees and other bugs.

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